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Crimper Program

  • Obtain a Hose Crimper for Your Business.

    Want to save time and money, reduce downtime and consolidate inventory? Kaman Fluid Power offers a Hydraulic Hose Crimper to customers at no cost when they purchase hose and connector products.

    Here’s how it Works

    Kaman Fluid Power will loan customers a Hydraulic Hose Crimper at no cost when they commit to a simple equipment placement agreement. Having a crimper onsite makes it possible to build hydraulic hose assemblies when you need them, to your specifications. This allows technicians to build hose assemblies onsite and install with little loss in downtime.

    Benefits include:

    • No equipment to purchase
    • Lower cost per assembly
    • Reduced inventory

Kaman Fluid Power stocks a wide variety of hoses including braided, spiral as well as multi-purpose. These products have been designed, tested and approved to meet and exceed global standards.

We take training and safety very seriously at Kaman Fluid Power Crimper training to our customers at no cost.

With every Crimper, Kaman Fluid Power will provide onsite crimper operation training to enable individuals to increase their understanding and develop the hands-on skills to perform their jobs more safely.

Obtain a Free Crimper for Your Business

Learn how to obtain a free crimper for your business with your hose and fitting stock order. Use the form below to contact a Kaman Fluid Power representative.