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Doosan Robotics
Doosan Robotics — M-Series, A-Series, H-Series

Smart Automation — Collaborative Robotics

Doosan Robotics enables smart factories by developing and manufacturing COBOTs that are capable of doing complex tasks based on precise detection skills via torque sensors, excellent safety performance and detailed power control.

Free Cobot Demo

Doosan M0609 Optimized to perform repetitive tasks at a high speed within limited space

  • Payload: 6kg
  • Reach: 900mm

Doosan M1509 Supports highest payload capacity for effective handling of heavier objects

  • Payload: 15kg
  • Reach: 900mm

Doosan M1013 Standard, versatile model suitable for various applications

  • Payload: 10kg
  • Reach: 1,300mm

Doosan M0617 Most ideal and effective for operating multiple tasks or carrying out applications that require long reach

  • Payload: 6kg
  • Reach: 1,700mm

A Series

Doosan A0509 Maintains excellent stability with overwhelming speed and an advanced safety algorithm

  • Payload: 5kg
  • Reach: 900mm

Doosan A0509s Superier speed and cost-effectiveness that promises a simple solution and a satisfaction to whom may be hesitant to get a cobot

  • Payload: 5kg
  • Reach: 900mm

Doosan A0912 Quick and flawless performance on any task with the highest speed in the indusstry along with the remarkable acceleration

  • Payload: 9kg
  • Reach: 1,200mm

Doosan A0617 Most ideal and effective for operating multiple tasks or carrying out applications that require long reach

  • Payload: 9kg
  • Reach: 1,200mm

H Series

Doosan H2017 Guarantees superb safety with the industry's best collision sensitivity

  • Payload: 20kg
  • Reach: 1,700mm

Doosan H2515 Astonishing payload, easily handles heavy objects up to

  • Payload: 25kg
  • Reach: 1,500mm


Doosan Robotics


  • Top-of-the-line control platform for complete and reliable robot control
  • Torque sensor performance maximized with innovative motion control algorithm and robot language
  • Support for all latest communication technologies (Ethernet, Fieldbus, serial, Wi-Fi, etc.) for easy interface with various automation systems and peripherals
  • Built-in app developed with skill-based programming to implement complex robot motions simply
  • Robust platform based on real-time control and high-speed communication technology to ensure stable performance in tough industrial environments
  • Built-in innovative control algorithm for easy implementation in a wide range of field applications

Teach Pendant

  • Electrostatic touch interface for superior usability and excellent resolution
  • Lightweight and comfortable grasp design to minimize user fatigue
  • Intuitive usability through graphic-based communication
  • Intuitive card view to check the robot working environment at a glance
  • Intuitive and easy task programming with drag & drop function


Assembly – Traditional Assembly task like screw driving and gear assembling
Machine Tending – Feed the CNC machine and load/unload the subject into the pallet
Welding – Welding parts like skilled welder by various paths with certain quality
Polishing & Deburring – Surface polishing and Burr removal after processing
Gluing & Bonding – Spraying of consisting amount of adhesive for gluing and bonding
Plastic Injection Support – Detaching item from mold of injection molding machine and loading onto/unloading from pallet
Press Forming – Picking up panel for loading onto/unloading from press machine
Service – Safety and repeatedly performs pre-define tasks in accordance with user needs in service industries like medical and F&B

Find your Robot

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Robotic Mate

Meet our partners from end effectors to safety devices to automate your work process with Doosan’s collaborative robots.

Destaco - a Dover CompanyonrobotParkerPiabPilzSchunk

Kaman Fluid Power is an Authorized Distributor for Doosan Robotics. Our partnership allows us direct access to manufacturer resources to provide our customers with complete and knowledgeable expertise.

Engineered Solutions

The Kaman Fluid Power Engineered Solutions Group (ESG) provides robotics and Collaboration design, integration, and electrical system engineered solutions to customers. Services include:
  • Custom Assemblies
  • Custom Configurations
  • Custom Fluid Power/Control Designs
  • Custom Lubrication Systems
  • Fluid Power System Solutions
  • Inspection Systems
  • Integrated Motion Control
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Integrated System Controls
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design
  • Process Systems

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